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Hello and Welcome To All Print Companies

This is a NEW website I’ve been planning for many years.

Traditionally when I have wanted to buy or sell any used print equipment, whether it be pre-press, post-press, digital or lithographic printing machinery, the usual way was through print machinery dealers, that buy low and sell high. Not any more… now printtradeit.com offers a real alternative so you can buy and sell your print machinery simply and maximise the value of your equipment.

The aim is to be the number one go to place for buying and selling secondhand print equipment in the UK. We know its early days and so to attract listings you can currently advertise on the site for up to 30 days FREE of charge, so you have nothing to lose except the time it takes to list your equipment.

Any questions please give me a call on 07889 560734 or email us at info@printtradeit.com

Thanks Mick

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printtradeit.com the number one online market place for buying and selling secondhand printing equipment. Just simply choose whether you want to buy or sell print equipment. If buying select your category and browse the products listed, if selling, place an advert... Read more...

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